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Get Involved

Our gathering is run by community members for community members.  It's a labor of love.  What we have is what we create together.  There are many ways to get involved at Rendezvous.  From worktrading, to teaching, to working as a staff member, volunteering as part of the leadership council, and more!


Various Roles to Hold


We currently have a BIPOC space, a Queer/LGBTQIA+ space, and a Care Team.  If you're interested in being a spaceholder in support of others well-being, please consider reaching out.

Proposals for Change

Change requires effort and work.  If you would like to see a change in the community, please contribute to the work it will take to make that change happen.  A good first step is to craft a proposal detailing exactly what you would like to see happen, how it might be implemented, and what resources (time, money, etc.) it would require.  Propose a path forward to make the change - doing so makes it much more likely that your request will be seriously considered and potentially implemented.  

  1. Idea: What change do you want to see?  Please detail what you would like to see happen.  Be specific.  What is happening that needs to be different?  How does it need to be different?

  2. Justification: Why?  Why is the change important?  What unmet needs does it address?  

  3. History: What has been done in the past to meet this need?  Whose job has it been to address this?  How has it been handled?

  4. Implementation: How does this new proposal address the unmet needs?  What resources (time, money, etc.) will it require, and exactly how much of those resources?  Who will do the work?  What impact will it have on the community?

  5. Other Alternatives: What other paths might be taken to make this change?

Please include your name and contact info so we can be in touch with you about your proposal. 

Submit proposals to both:

General Coordinator -

Leadership Council -

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