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Rendezvous was founded in 1985 by Robert Slack, Jr., Stephen "Snow Bear" Taylor and Darry Wood. They began the gathering to preserve and promote indigenous primitive skills like making white oak baskets, foraging for wild food, starting fire by friction and tanning deer skins with brains and smoke. The three founders eventually invited their Cherokee friends to come share their living traditions of baskets and pottery, weapons and music. From these elders they learned many wonderful things, not the least of which is about being both humble and good-humored.

Many instructors come to 'Rendezvous' to teach us ways an incredible array of skills.  We make fire, which is the basic tool we use to light and heat our camp, cook our deer, harden our clay pots, straighten our blowguns and a long list of essential things. We make incredibly functional and beautiful tools, from stone & bone, wood and steel; shelters and musical instruments; cordage and felt; traps and snares; atlatls and spears; bows and arrows. We practice stalking and tracking skills, primitive fishing, native fiber arts, belly dancing and so much more. For over 30 years, we have convened this modern village, with people coming from all across the United States and other countries as well.  During each day, one may wander the camp and find over a dozen instructional sessions going at once; then at night, there are glorious campfires, with story telling, singing and dancing. 

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