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Rendezvous jobs are a labor of love.  If you care about the event and would like to be of service in a leadership role, then perhaps a Rendezvous job is for you.  We generally prefer to hire folks who are familiar with the event and already a part of the community.  

Current Openings

Assistant General Coordinator

The Assistant General Coordinator will work closely with the General Coordinator to learn the role and provide support for the work.  After a year of training, if things go well, this person would be eligible to come before the Leadership Council (our Board of Directors) to apply to be hired as an official Co-Coordinator. 


Assistant General Coordinator Job Description

Assistant General Coordinator Job Application  deadline June 21

Leadership Council

Earthskills Rendezvous is a non-profit organization with a board of directors call the Leadership Council. 

Our Leadership Council is currently taking applications for new members.  Would you like to volunteer your time and energy to help guide the big picture and long-term direction of Rendezvous?  LC members have a unique opportunity to contribute to Rendezvous in a meaningful way, and work as a team with a group of super individuals!


Leadership Council Member Descriptio

Leadership Council Member Application

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