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What to Bring

  • Wind and rainproof shelter (tent or tarp)

  • Insulated sleeping pad

  • Sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees or several wool blankets

  • Layers of clothing - be prepared for ample sunshine, rain, and/or freezing nights

  • Plate, bowl, cup, and silverware (these are not provided by the kitchen), and a water bottle

  • Breakfast and Lunch food - dinner will be provided starting with supper on Tuesday and ending with supper Saturday 

  • A sharp knife (very useful tool for many classes), can be purchased onsite also

  • Cash money - some classes require additional materials fees

  • Flashlight

  • Folding chairs

  • Toiletries & towel

  • Daypack, backpack, or sundries bag

  • Journal or notebook

  • Musical instruments 

  • Funds for shopping at the AnceStore and/or for fundraisers

  • Snacks

  • Items for the trade blanket

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