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EARLY BIRD PRICING                                           Adult 18+      Youth 13-17      Child 6-12
2 Day: 2 nights camping, 2 meals, 4 classes             $172.39           $129.29            $86.19
3 Day: 3 nights camping, 3 meals, 6 classes           $206.86           $155.15          $103.43
4 Day: 4 nights camping, 4 meals, 8 classes           $275.82         $206.86           $137.91
Full Event: 6 nights camping, 5 meals, 11  classes  $396.49          $297.37          $198.24


2 Day: 2 nights camping, 2 meals, 4 classes            $198.24          $148.68             $99.12
3 Day: 3 nights camping, 3 meals, 6 classes            $237.89          $178.42           $118.95
4 Day: 4 nights camping, 4 meals, 8 classes             $317.19          $237.89          $158.60
Full Event: 6 nights camping, 5 meals, 11  classes  $455.96           $341.97          $227.98


What is the event schedule?

Timing is approximate and subject to change, but the rough schedule is:

  • 8am Breakfast (on your own)

  • 9am Morning Circle

  • 9:30am-12:30pm AM/Morning Class Period

  • 12:30-2:00 pm Lunch (on your own)

  • 2:00-5:00pm PM/Afternoon Class Period

  • 5:00-6pm Free Time, Games, and/or Trade Blanket 

  • 6pm Supper (provided)

  • 7:30pm Evening Storytelling, Drum Circle, Dancing, Music Jam, and/or Song Circle

Do you provide meals?

Yes!  We provide 1 meal a day - supper - for all participants.  Breakfasts and lunches are BYO.  We will have a couple of community kitchens in the main field to help support you in making your own meals.  

Do you have a youth program?

Yes!  We have active and lively youth programs during the morning class period, and a teen camp in the evenings.  Littles are 4-6, Middles 7-9, Olders 10-12, and Teens 13-17.  For more information, check our Youth Programs page.


Can I get a discounted ticket if I opt out of meals or out of youth programming for my children?

No.  Tickets include camping, meals, classes, and all programming.  We are not able to divide tickets up to account for these components separately.  Also, our contract with the venue site limits the number of people we have on the land, regardless of what program elements they participate in, so if we sell out of tickets, we are still unable to allow you to come even if you don't participate in classes or don't eat meals.  Thanks for your understanding.  


What are the facilities like?  Do you have bathrooms and/or showers?

Yes, we provide hot showers and outhouses.  Most toilets are porta potties.  There is a shower house with running water, showers, sinks, and flush toilets as well.


Approximately how many skills is one able to attend during the week?
There is some variability in how many skills you can do in a week, and it depends on where you choose to focus. Some of these skills, such as hide tanning or bow making, will take the better part of the week to complete. In other cases, a class may be very basic and short. The general format for the week is a period of classes after breakfast in the morning, and a period of classes after lunch.  You may choose to become familiar with a wide variety of skills during the week, or focus on becoming adept at one.


Are all of your classes available everyday of the rendezvous?
Generally there are more than 20 classes offered on any given day. The diversity of subjects and skills can vary throughout the event. We do, however, offer the "core skills" everyday. Core skills include fire making, flint knapping, and cordage/fiber arts.  Some classes are offered more than once and some are not.


Do all of the teachers on your list teach each day?
No, the teachers rotate through, and often teach different subjects on different days. There is a notebook at the class sign-up board with a listing of what the instructors will be teaching throughout the event.


Is the info posted somewhere how long each class lasts?
Most classes last 2-3 hours.  Multi-part classes may cover several class periods and days and are therefore longer.  Information on the classes for the next day is posted on the class sign-up board at the end of each day.  Drop by before supper to see what tomorrow will bring!


What do I need to bring with me?

Please see What to Bring

Is it possible to car camp?
Yes, we have many car camping options available. You can car camp in the parking field (near registration) for free or you can purchase a car camping pass for the main field area.  If you have an RV, we recommend you camp in the parking field.   We do request that there's no driving through camp after dark.


Are the weekends a lot busier than the weekdays?
Yes, but not overwhelming. We also offer more classes on the weekends.


What are your instructors like?
Earthskills instructors hail from all walks of life and cultures.  We've had both women and men descended from Cherokee, Chinese, European, African American and a host of other backgrounds.  Some are professional teachers and some are living the primitive life.  What's certain is that, regardless of heritage or profession, our instructors are highly skilled at what they teach.


What are the minimum age requirements for this?
There is no minimum (or maximum) age; we have a full range of ages in camp. Some classes may require adult (parental) supervision.


Do you have any work trade positions available?
We have a limited number of work trade/volunteer positions at each event. These positions fill up quickly and are in high demand! If you are interested in work trade or volunteering, see Worktrade.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes.  If you'd like to bring your dog, you will need to purchase a dog pass.  Please make sure your dog is up to date with the recommended shots and vaccinations for pets.  Also, please keep your dog leashed and with you, pick up poop, and monitor for excessive barking and any level of aggressive behavior.  Keep in mind that having your pet attend the event with you is a privilege. 


If you and your dog are unable or unwilling to abide by our doggies rules, you may be asked to remove your dog from the premises.


-LEASH + YOU.  Please have your dog on a leash at all times.  The other end of the leash is attached to a person.  (Or attached to a tree near their owner.) Please stay with your dog.  No dogs wandering around without their people.

-NOISE.  No howling dogs.  Especially no howling dogs left alone in camp for hours, please.  It is really unpleasant for your neighbors, and probably for your dog as well.  If your dog is a howler, maybe Rendezvous isn't the place to bring it.

-AGGRESSION. Limit dog on dog aggression and no dog on person attacks!  If your dog is aggressive, please be vigilant and proactive to prevent any drama, or do not bring your dog.

-POOP.  Pick up pup poop.  Clean grass for all our barefoot folks and their hand-made things.  Bring bags to capture, contain, and dispose of your pet’s excrement promptly.  Right after the poop hits the ground, you should be bagging it.


If your dog is bothering someone, we encourage them to come talk to you and try to resolve the issue.  Please be open to people approaching you to discuss your dog’s behavior.  If someone’s dog’s behavior is bothering you, please gently and respectfully approach the dog owner and let them know how you would like to see things change.  Help them help you. If that fails or if you feel uncomfortable approaching that person, then please report dog issues to the Event Coordinator.  Dogs may be asked to leave after repeated violations of our Doggie Rules.

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