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Financial Transparency

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Staff Pay 

FLR 23 paid staff roles included: General Coordinator, Staff Treasurer, Site Manager, Worktrade Coordinator, Instructor Coordinator, 2 Event Cooks, Youth Program Coordinator, First Aid Manager, Equity Program Manager & BIPOC Liaison, Pre-Event Registrar, On-Site Registrar, and Evening Events Coordinator. 13 Total Paid Roles


Instructor Pay

FLR 23 included 46 instructors with various pay rates, all included here.  Also included in this category are costs for hosting the online class registration site.


Site & Equipment Rental

Avalon site rental, golf carts, porta johns and handwashing stations


Financial Fees

Eventbrite ticketing fees, Square, Paypal, Wells-Fargo


Event Kitchen Food

Food purchase cost - feeding 350 folks 5 meals


Insurance, Yearly Costs

Event insurance, website, accounting/taxes, infrastructure purchases, postage, supplies, training/continuing education 



Site management supplies, first aid supplies, printing and copying, meeting snacks/discretionary


Youth Program

Stipends for 13 youth staff, supplies for youth programs



Stipends for 4 worktrade crew leads and 1 worktrade cook, food purchases for worktrade meals, fuel/vehicle use compensation, repair fund, gifts for worktraders



Income = $64,539 in ticket sales and store purchases.  Total Event Cost = $56,661. 

Reserving $7,878 for buffering upcoming site rental increases, increases in food and supplies costs, planned infrastructure purchases, and savings to meet budget if ticket sales don’t go well.  

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