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About Rendezvous

The Longest Running Primitive Skills Gathering East of the Mississippi

Earthskills Rendezvous is an ancestral skills gathering that happens twice a year in the Southeastern United States.  The gathering is a week-long educational camping event where participants come to learn ancient skills, connect with nature, and experience a more community-oriented atmosphere. Join us!

Our focus is top quality instruction in dozens of ancestral and heritage primitive skills such as matchless fire making, foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants, stone tool creation and use, basket making, and wood working just to name a few.  After a full day of hands on instruction, evening programs give you the opportunity to join in the revival of the great oral tradition of storytelling around the council fire, or the option to pull up a chair in any of the many camps where homegrown and traditional Appalachian music is played, or the opportunity to answer the call of the drum and dance around the fire under a star filled sky. Striving for cooperation, generosity of spirit, tolerance and harmonious relationships, we welcome the skills, art, music and culture of all human ethnicities.

Earthskills Rendezvous, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.



Tickets go on sale in August

Falling Leaves Rendezvous

October 14-20, 2024  
2025 Dates
April 14-20, 2025
October 6-12, 2025
Why Join Us?

Get Involved

Our gathering is run by community members for community members.  It's a labor of love.  What we have is what we create together.  There are many ways to get involved at Rendezvous.  From coming as a participant, to worktrading, teaching, working as a staff member, volunteering as part of the leadership council, and more!


Various Roles to Hold

Why Join Us?


Learn dozens of survival skills and primitive technologies from world-class instructors.


Experience how we do things differently, whether through a visit to our Ancestor Fire or attending our board meeting.


Join in a drum circle or fireside dancing session to move your body and celebrate life!


Experience village life for a week, where meals, classes, and evening activities weave together to connect folks of many different ages and walks of life.


Practice heritage arts and crafts with simple, sustainably sourced materials.


Unplug from the rat race and find that sense of connection to land and community that you've been longing for.


"Rendezvous quite literally altered the course of my life.  I came looking for skills and stayed for the community."

- Past Participant

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