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Rendezvous jobs are a labor of love.  If you care about the event and would like to be of service in a leadership role, then perhaps a Rendezvous job is for you.  We generally prefer to hire folks who are familiar with the event and already a part of the community.  

Current Openings

Instructor Coordinator

The Instructor Coordinator is an essential role at our educational  events.  Classes are a big part of what we do!  This person engages with existing and potential instructors to curate a balanced and appealing lineup of relevant classes and offerings.   

  • This position requires a familiarity with and understanding of earthskills classes and instructors.  It is extraordinarily helpful to have experience in the community and know the skills and the people who teach the skills. 

  • Good communication skills are important.  Must be able to communicate clearly and compassionately and navigate complex relational dynamics.  

  • Availability and capacity to use email and spreadsheets, have regular computer and phone access, manage a budget, and respond to messages in a timely manner are also important. 

Instructor Coordinator Job Description

Instructor Coordinator Job Application -  coming soon!  In the meantime, please email to express your interest.  

Leadership Council

Earthskills Rendezvous is a non-profit organization with a board of directors call the Leadership Council. 

Our Leadership Council is currently taking applications for new members.  Would you like to volunteer your time and energy to help guide the big picture and long-term direction of Rendezvous?  LC members have a unique opportunity to contribute to Rendezvous in a meaningful way, and work as a team with a group of super individuals!


Leadership Council Member Description 

Leadership Council Member Application

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