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Youth Staff

Youth Program Staff are nature-connected individuals with a heart for helping our youth learn and grow.  

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Program Staff member, please contact our Youth Program Coordinator.


Earthskills Rendezvous is committed to fostering a vibrant youth culture through experiential learning and skills-based nature connection. The village is more than Adults and Elders, and we have a responsibility to help the youth to become strong adults who are empowered and aware. We believe in the inherent gifts of each and every child at our events and the power of the natural world to help guide them to their own path in this world. Whether your child is a toddler or a high school senior, there is a place for them here.

Youth Programs are held during the morning class period each day.  


Fledglings (ages 3-5) will be able to play and learn about the natural world with nurturing guidance and daily rhythms. They'll sing songs, listen to stories, and try their hands at age appropriate crafts.  Light-hearted and playful teaching moments abound. Parents are welcome to join their little ones during morning programming. 


Wild Ones (ages 6-9)  will delve deep into fun and play while adventuring into nature. The building blocks of skills will be taught through games and direct learning of the natural world and the Wild Heart. They will start the journey of field craft, plant ID, knife safety and shelter building. Imagination and exploration will be emphasized. 


Coy Wolves (ages 10-12) will delve deeper into skills developing competency in fire-making and tending, carving, plant and animal habits and identification, cordage and other hard skills. Coy Wolves will range further out from camp on adventures and exploratory journeys to connect with nature and themselves. Coy Wolves will build group unity and identity while also participating in service oriented projects for the greater Rendezvous camp. 


Teen Program (ages 13-17) students walk between the worlds of childhood and adulthood, finding new edges and claiming their place in the world. A positive culture of encouragement and empowerment is fostered here.  Teens will venture out each morning and push their skills and awareness of the natural world, building self-confidence and proficiency. In the evenings Teen Camp becomes vibrant and alive with laughter and song. With the guidance of mentors, Teen Camp creates its own unique culture and identity where teens are free to be themselves in a safe space that they call their own. 


In addition to our structured youth programs, we offer a space for caregivers and babies (under 3).  This is not childcare, so please remain with your little one.

Nestlings (0-3) gather in the morning and afternoon with their grownups in their cozy "nest" to play, sing, enjoy books and build connections with other families.  Tea and snacks are provided and folks are welcome to bring offerings to share. 

Let us know if you have questions.  We hope you will bring your family to learn and play with us!

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