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Rendezvous offers various worktrade options for community members who would like to contribute their time and energy to help make the gathering happen! Worktrade positions are an option for those with a desire to participate in exchanging their work for entry to the gathering, and may be in need of a lower-cost option. Each event, we offer a limited number of full and partial worktrade options.  Worktraders must be able to attend the entire gathering.


Partial Worktrade

Partial worktraders pay half the cost of early-bird admission and work 10-15 hours during the event, performing tasks such as working registration, washing dishes, or supporting sanitation. Partial worktraders must arrive the first day of the gathering and stay until the last day of the gathering.

Full Worktrade

Full worktraders pay a small refundable deposit to hold their spot, and they work 30-35 hours to help set up and break down the site before and after each event. Priority for full worktrade is given to returning worktraders, and full worktraders are required to arrive 3 days before the event begins and stay until 2 days after the event ends.  A few full worktrade positions are also available during the event.    

For more detailed information about worktrade, please read this

Important Worktrade Info.

If you have questions, please contact our Worktrade Coordinator

To Apply

We usually start the process of accepting worktraders about 2 months before the event.  Worktrade positions often fill quickly, so don't wait until the last minute to apply!

You can find the online worktrade application and a paper application option in the Important Worktrade Info document.  Check it out!

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