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Arrival day for the gathering is Monday, and classes begin Tuesday morning. Class sign-up sheets for each day are posted in the afternoon of the day before.   AM classes start around 10am and PM classes around 2pm.  Below is a sample listing of classes you are likely to find at Rendezvous.  Check the bottom of this page about a month before the gathering to see the live class listing.

  • Fire making

  • Flintknapping

  • Cordage Making

  • Pottery

  • Blacksmithing

  • Bone and Antler Tools

  • Weaving and Textiles

  • Felting

  • Basketry

  • Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Nature Awareness

  • Traps and Snares

  • Open Hearth Cooking

  • Knife Sharpening

  • Soap making

  • Natural Dyes

  • Survival Shelters/Structures

  • Hide Tanning

  • Clothing and Adornments

  • Tracking and Stalking


We have over 40 instructors for each event, some of whom have been with us for years, some of whom are new.  

For a partial listing of instructors, please check our Instructors page.  

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact our 

Instructor Coordinator about 2-3 months before the upcoming event.

Need to track classes for official purposes? 
Here's a class log.

Rivercane Rendezvous Class Schedule

Classes will be displayed here about a month before the gathering and will continue to be added up to the gathering start date!

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